Name:Yitzhak Rabin, Professor
Room:416, building 202
86-216: Statistical mechanics 2
86-844: Physical biology of the cell
Wagman, Michal
Medalion, Shlomi
laimam, shaul

Research interests
  • Theoretical studies of polymers and complex fluids, including hydrodynamics of polymer solutions, interfacial phenomena, charged and associating polymers, gels, liquid crystals, fluctuating membranes and granular media; non-equilibrium statistical mechanics: interdiffusion, flow effects on phase transitions, kinetics of phase transitions.

  • 1. Physics of biological systems.
  • 2. Theoretical studies in soft condensed matter physics, including polymers, gels, polyelectrolytes, liquid crystals, granular materials, fluctuating membranes, etc.
  • 3. Phase transitions in complex systems: effects of intramolecular degrees of freedom and of confinement.
  • 4. Statistical physics of interacting systems with frozen disorder.
  • 5. Topological defects in solids and the physics of melting.

  • B.Sc. in Physics: Tel-Aviv University, 1974
  • M.Sc. in Physics: Tel-Aviv University, 1976
  • Ph.D. in Chemistry: Tel-Aviv University, 1980
  • 1991-present Professor
  • Department of Physics
  • Bar-Ilan University
  • Ramat-Gan, Israel
  • 1986-1991 Associate Professor Department of Chemical Physics The Weizmann Institute of Science Rehovot, Israel
  • 1983-1985 Senior Staff Scientist Center for Studies of Nonlinear Dynamics, La Jolla Institute, La Jolla, CA
  • 1981-1983 Lecturer Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry University of California Los Angeles, CA
  • 1980-1981 Research Scientist Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics Garching, Germany
  • 1986-1988 La Jolla Institute, La Jolla, CA
  • 1989 College de France, Paris, France
  • 1989 Institute for Theoretical Physics,Santa Barbara, CA
  • 1990 James Franck Institute, Chicago, IL
  • 1990-1991 Materials Department, UCSB, Santa Barbara, CA
  • 1991 Exxon Research and Engineering, Annandale, NJ
  • 1991 Department of Chemistry, USC, Los Angeles, CA
  • 1993 Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics Kyoto, Japan
  • 1995--1996 Center for Studies in Physics and Biology, Rockefeller University, New York, NY
  • 1997 Curie Institute, Paris, France
  • 1997-1998 Center for Studies in Physics and Biology, Rockefeller University, New York, NY
  • 2002 Aspen Center for Physics, Aspen, CO
  • Bat-Sheva de Rothschild Foundation Fellow 1986-1987.
  • The Annual (E.D. Bergman) Award of the Israeli Chemical Society, 1988.
  • Israeli Physical Society
  • American Physical Society
  • Materials Research Society